8 Yoga Poses to do after your 9-5.

8  Yoga Poses to do after your 9-5.

If your day to day life is mainly spent sedentary then this is the blog post for you. Many studies have shown that a lack of movement and a sedentary life can cause issues such as obesity, bad posture, chronic pain, and heart problems. But luckily, yoga has been shown to have a positive affect on all of those issues. Yoga at any time is great, but there is something so lovely about yoga after a long day of no movement. For me it helps me feel like I am inviting positive and uplifting energy into the space the below poses create.

Every inhale I am connecting deeper with my own body and the Earth.

Every exhale lets go of the day just gone and any negativity or stresses that came with it.

Movement after work doesn’t always need to be in the form of a vigorous workout ( although that certainly can feel great too) . One of the many reasons I love yoga is that it is just so versatile. It can be as fast paced , or slow flowing as your body requires on any given day. I definitely get a better, more restful sleep on days I practise yoga after work too and overall my body just simply feels freer and lighter with a consistent yoga practice after work. Below are some poses I love to do after my desk job to give all the good vibes:

1. Child’s pose​​

Child’s pose is great for any level of yogi. I love the opening it creates along the shoulders and spine after a day of being stuck on the computer. Do 10-15 breaths with your arms to the left and then to the right for an added side stretch.

2. Wide-Legged Forward Fold

When we think about a ‘desk job’ and the stiffness it causes a lot of the time the focus goes to our backs, neck, and shoulders when really there should also be a big focus on hamstrings. Having tight hamstrings can affect our bodies in so many ways so this pose is fantastic for giving them some space and loosening them up . A trick to see how tight your hamstrings are is to sit with your legs out straight in front of you. Can you straighten your legs and have them completely touch the floor? Are you able to have your back straight? If not, this is a sign you might need to give your hamstrings some TLC.

3. Low lunge

Low lunges create a great opening across the chest and heartbut I also like this pose as the balancing required engages and strengthens the core.

4. Revolved Side Angle

Add onto your low lunge by coming into a Revolved Side angle to add a further stretch to the back and spine and it adds a fantastic opening to the chest and heart which I always feel is essential to fill up with good positive energy and gratitude.

5.Tree Pose

My favourite balancing pose. Tree pose is great as it can be playful, it doesn’t need to be taken to seriously. I like the message we can take from the wobbles and falls it can cause.. we can always try again. Wobbles and falls are just a part of life that are unavoidable. Tree pose always gives me a feeling of deep gratitude and empowerment.

6. Pigeon

Pigeon is an all-round fabulous pose for a stationary body. It creates a great space in the legs, chest, heart and neck. It canalso be varied to suit your own body. Some days I use blocks, some days I don’t. Some days I lower my arms to mat, others not so much. I also find it’s a great pose for identifying which side of the body needs a bit more love and attention. I personally have a terrible habit of leaning to one particular side while working at my desk, this pose helps me feel which side that was that particular day so that I can focus on it a little more in other poses.

7. Half Lord of the Fishes

Amazing for the lower back. I love going back to this pose 2 or 3 times throughout my overall daily practise and noticing if my body is getting looser each time.

8. Standing Backbend

This pose is something some of us will naturally do as soon as we stand up from our desks and is great to incorporate into an evening yoga routine to balance out any hunching/ slouching from the day.

A big misconception is every yoga class needs to be an hour or two long. Any bit of practice is better than no practice so if after a busy day your time only allows for 5-10 minutes, fill it with the above poses and give your body  and mind the space, breath and self love they deserve.💚